Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My C130 Flight May 2011

May 27th I had the chance to join some other wives from my husbands unit on a ride in a large C130 aircraft. For those of you that don't know, this is the type of aircraft that my husband does sheet metal work on. It was a very rough flight for me because I get motion sickness. However, I'm glad the experience is said and DONE so I don't ever have to feel the need to do it again and I will also be able to say that I have done it! Here are the few pictures I was able to take. I spend the majority of the flight with my head between my legs praying not to up chuck my morning breakfast which was accomplished well. I was one of the very few who escaped the plane with out the need of my barf bag!

Wondering whats with the shoes?? So...I missed the memo regarding no open toed shoes. So, my lovely husband agreed to wear my pick flip flogs and loaned me his chewed up tennies, :)

This picture was taken when the guy decided that he was going to open the back while we were thousands of feet in the air......lovely.....

Trier, Germany April 2011

In April of 2011 we decided to take a USO guided tour to Trier. Although it seemed to be over priced, we learned how to use the train system and also got a little information regarding the history of Trier itself. Unfortunately, since I am so far behind on my blogging, I can't remember what half the stuff I took a picture of is. :( Oh well. Here is what I have and the pictures I took are from my phone so I apologize if the quality is kind of crudy.

I don't remember the name of this church but I do remember that it  contains what they think is the holy garment of Jesus, also known as Jesus' robe. Next summer I believe, they will have a ceremony or a certain day that people will be allowed to see the robe. As of now it sits in a chest in the church. You can look at the chest during open hours but not the actual robe itself.

The Imperial Baths

Interesting restroom in the middle of the sidewalk. Every bathroom had to be paid for. That was a pain.

Plastic eggs that Maddie dyed at the Trier market.

The Entrance to the Puerta Negra 


Stairs to the floors in the Puerta Negra

Puerta Negra from outside.

more photos of the church

On the train!