Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Self Cleaning Toilet

This toilet was in a restaurant called Dino's. It startled Maddie and I and I just had to get it on tape. :)


So I know I have fallen behind, and I'm not sure if their are people following me on here that aren't on my Facebook, so I'll do a quick update.

We are still getting settled into the house, however, here are some more pictures of it:

Our Kitchen

The Hallway
(looking towards the back of the house)

Little Hallway Room
(It'll be where we keep our books, and a little reading area.)

Our  Bathroom
(I am currently working on decorations. I got a ton of lighthouse stuff off of Ramstein yardsales that i think will go perfect!)

Maddie's Bedroom View

View of a sitting/grilling area in the backyard.

Recently, we also took Maddie to the Kaiserslautern Zoo. It was very chilly so we didn't enjoy being outside and all the animal enclosures were very small. I don't intend on going back because I do not approve of how the animals seem to be taken care of there. Here are a few pics I took though.

Maddie's Kids Meal for Lunch

The toy from her kids meal.

Maddie is in swim school, but other then that we haven't been up to much except trying to settle in. I have been doing Zumba and I want to continue taking it. I love it and I feel it will help me work towards my weight loss goals. On Saturday I leave for a 2 week trip to Texas. Just me! I can't wait. It is for my bestie's wedding and I am the Maiden of Honor.