Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Texas Finally

Alrighty! Last but not least for my Texas adventure was Megan's wedding. Here are the few pictures I was able to take. Being the Matron of Honor kept me super busy.

Signs and Billboards I saw on the way to the airport.

The Rest of Texas

Alright, so I have gotten way behind in my blogging so I'm going to make this as short as possible. However because a lot went on in'll be difficult. I probably will most likely be just discribing what happened useing the pictures. the day after I finally got to San Antonio, I left with my best friend Megan, her fiance Corey and their baby Aalijah to go to Marshall for some personal business. Here are some snap shots from that drive and time in Marshall, TX.

On Megan and I's way back from Marshall to San Antonio we got into a car accident (Corey stayed in Marshall). Megan was driving at least 70 mph when the latch on her hood broke and the hood of the car flew back and crush the windshield. We were all safe, thank the Lord, and walked down the hill towards a model home place so the we had the baby inside somewhere safe. We waited 2 hours for the tow truck to come and after finally being on our way we seriously get no more then 5 miles down the road and the tow trucks tire blows out. Once again....we are waited for a tow truck. The second tow truck finally took us to a shop (I don't remember the name of the town) and a guy from the shop took us from there to a Walmart. At Walmart, Megan's Uncle Glenn met us and let us stay at his house for the evening and then we met half way the next morning with Megan's mom and headed back to San Antonio.

Aalijah's first tow truck ride!

Megan's car on the tow truck (notice the window).

When the tire blew, Aalijah got to take his turn at driving.

The driver looking at the flat tire.

The 2nd tow truck finally made it!
The flat...

Tow truck #1

The swap.

The next few photos are from when we were at walmart with all our stuff. I said we looked like 2 homeless lesbians with and adopted child. There were so many people staring at us, it was just funny.

After surviving my first car accident, my first time being in a car that had any kind of blowout...and the first of some others I can't mention because they are personal to those involved, I headed over to hang out with family for the weekend. I got to go to my cousin Kayli's baby shower for her 3rd son and do some other interesting things. Like...visit the farm animals at my Aunt Robyns and at Aunt Heathers I got to play with tiny puppies, help pack and label fresh deer meat, eat dear meat, and go see my cousin Ryan play with his band at a local hotwing place. It was a good and interesting time. :)

My Cousin Kayli at her baby shower!

Tic Tac

Ol' Red

Baby Pygmy Goats

My Aunt Robyn and Uncle Jeffs Farm
Veal Sausage and Burgers

Heather labeling the packed meat.

The packing assembly line.


Yes...I am wearing camo crocks....never thought I'd see this. :)

Mmmm...fresh ground veal.

The bottom of the barrel...well...cooler...ick!

Queso and Sugar

Queso's Pups

Me and the only female pup

My favorite little boy. I wanted to bring him home so so bad!

One of the miniature horses.

Cowboy! He was a sweety!

Trees on the river we went fishing at.

New Branfels Dam

Pretty rock Cade brought me.

Shells Cade was collecting off the side of the river.

Cade and Braden

Uncle Blake. I through some river scum on his back (it took him a while to notice) after he had thrown it at me and it landed on my head. Just sayin'. :)