Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adventures to and in Texas: Volume 1

I shall start this blog off with a positive note and say that my flight over was fairly relaxing and not a bad trip at all. The first plane I was in had a good amount of open space and even though I was sitting next to someone else it was a short flight so I dealt with it while others on the plane shifted to empty seats so that they had more room. Although it was a short flight we were given "breakfast", which was a ham and cheese sandwich, and was very tasty at the time. On my second flight I rode on a double decker airplane, which was a first, and the plane was extremely empty compared to the first flight. I had a whole row of seats to myself which gave me plenty of room to stretch out. Each seat also had its own television monitor with a variety of movies and shows that you can watch. It was sweet to watch what I wanted to watch. I watched four movies: 127 Hours, Eat Pray Love, Switched (I think thats what it's called...with Jennifer Aniston), and Going the Distance. Tried to sleep but that of course didn't come easy. Once again some pics from my experience. :)

An airplane similar to the one I rode.

My Screen!
My Row of Seats (Extra stretch room!!)
The pillow, blanket, headphones, toothbrush, and toothpaste set up that was on every seat.

My large dinner tray.
My dessert with my "evening tea".

This next few pictures are of my view out the window at one point. It was the ocean iced over. I don't know where we were, but it was gorgeous and I found it interesting because it was one of those things that I have only seen on TV.

Finally, a very interesting apple and pear chutney with aged cheddar and tomato sandwich. It was interesting for sure, but it was yummy! Also, notice how tiny the coke is?

Walk to the Cemetery

I just wanted to give you guys a quick view a cemetery that Maddie and I found on our walk to search for what we thought was a park. It is a beautiful cemetery and had a lot of old tombstone. Here are a few pictures I took before Maddie decided she needed to used the bathroom. :)