Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arriving in Germany

As of yesterday, we have finally arrived in Germany. This is our first time PSCing since Dan joined the Air Force February 2007. We left Tucson and headed to Baltimore for our first leg of the flight. When getting on the plane Monday in Tucson, Maddie was very lucky and the pilot let him sit in his seat and even where his "special hat". She was so excited and it sure did make her day. I'll let you know, not even a week before we left I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and her words were,"I want to sit in a peyplane (airplane) and drive." So yes, my pilot in training was ecstatic to receive such an offer. 

When we stopped in Baltimore for the night, my dad was able to come and see us which was so nice! I didn't get many pictures but I'll share what I have. The hotel room we were in was a suite. It was very noisy because we were right next to the were all the maids come in and out, and do laundry and such. There were no other rooms with us. It was very nice though and had free dinner an breakfast. It snowed overnight and Dan and I saw it in the middle of the night but Maddie missed it and it was all basically ice in the morning.

The duck made out of Washcloths at our hotel in Baltimore!

Overnight snowfall in Baltimore!

Maddie's first in snow (mainly all frozen over), lovin' it!

Pouting with Papa

Daddy squishing Maddie

Playing with Papa

Tuesday we left our hotel in Baltimore around 1:30pm and headed to the airport where we had to wait until 4:10pm to even check in for our flight which didn't leave till 10:10pm. Needless to say, it was a long day. Our flight was about 7hr and 15min long but went by faster then I expected. Maddie did well and slept the entire way. 

When arriving in Germany we set up a room with TLF (temporary living facilities) and tried as best to rest. Since then Dan has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off, trying to get stuff done and Maddie and I have done a lot of sleeping, trying to adjust. We went food shopping and then came home and I made Taco Salad for our first home cooked meal in Germany. Now we are getting ready for bed  to try and adjust to the time change but I am having major Jet Lag and could be up all night...if I wanted to, going to try and sleep though.

The next couple weeks I am expecting to be stressful but I know soon it will all be worth it.

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