Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We found a house!

We did it! Its the first and only place we have looked at but we fell in love and the town is so beautiful. It is a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apartment kinda of. Our landlady and her husband live up stairs and we have a back door that goes out to what they call a terrace and into a garden. The road to it is narrow and steep but the view from the back is gorgeous. The landlady tells us their are shops, hiking, biking, shooting range and much more near by. It'll be nice to feel comfortable walking in our own neighborhood again. Her cat instantly fell in love with Maddie and was following her around like a dog. His name is Tuttles and he is a fluffy siamese. I took a few pics but not many, so I'll post what I got. After we move in I'll take more pictures.

The steeple of the church right behind us.

Down the street.

A zoomed in view attempting to see the mountains.

The house.

Maddie on the stairs to the entrance.

The view of the terrace/garden from the door.
 (It spreads out much wider past the wall)

A view of the ride home.

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  1. Gorgeous!! Super happy for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures. :o)